10 Real Madrid Legends You Should Know and Their Playing Positions

10 Real Madrid Legends You Should Know and Their Playing Positions
10 Real Madrid Legends You Should Know and Their Playing Positions

10 Real Madrid Legends You Should Know and Their Playing Positions

If you’re a soccer (soccer) lover and wish to know more about the most famous players to have been part of Real Madrid, this list is perfect for you! Every player included on this list has had an important impact at some point or another during the history of the club, and every position they played in will help you gain a better knowledge of their play style. If you’re a fervent Madrid fan or simply interested about the club’s rich history check out the list!

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane was among the best midfielders of all-time, and he was a player at Real Madrid. Most famous is his time playing with Real Madrid, but he also enjoyed success with Juventus as well as France.

Zidane began the career of a midfielder. However, he later he switched to defense player. Most famously, he is famous for his time as a midfielder with Real Madrid, where he had several awards, such as the three Champions League titles. The midfielder’s performance was well-respected by many and he was even deemed the top footballer in the world in one instance.

Zidane also enjoyed success in France as he helped them win 2 World Cups and the European Championship. He quit the professional game in 2013, following having won the Champions League with Real Madrid.

Zidane was a great all-round midfielder who was famous for his outstanding passing skills and his leadership in the field. He will forever be known for being one of the most outstanding midfielders in Real Madrid history.

Alfredo Di Stefano

Famous Real Madrid player Alfredo Di Stefano was striker. The most well-known thing about him is taking home the European Cup in 1974 with Real Madrid.

Di Stefano was born in Uruguay on the 22nd of November 1941. He began his professional career at River Plate in Argentina before making the move into Real Madrid in 1962. He was a part of the legendary La Liga team that won five championships between 1966 and 1975.

in 1974 Di Stefano helped Real Madrid to win in the European Cup. The striker scored 16 goals over 19 games during the tournament, and was awarded to be the Tournament MVP. Di Stefano retired from professional football in 1977 after having played at Racing Santander and Atletico Madrid. He was admitted into the FIFA World Cup Hall of Fame in 2002.

Di Stefano is one of the best strikers of all time and played at the highest level for several years. He is a legend of football , and football everyone should know about his achievements!

Cristiano Ronaldo

A player who is among the most famous of players to have achieved success throughout Real Madrid history is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was born on the 15th of September, 1985 in Madeira, Portugal. He began soccer at a very young age, and soon rose to prominence as a goal-scoring player for his club, Sporting Lisboa. The year 2003 saw Ronaldo was signed by Manchester United and proved his power in the English stage.In 2004 Ronaldo was the captain of United towards victory at the UEFA Champions League. In the next year, he was awarded the Ballon d’Or award as the greatest player in the world. In 2007 Ronaldo was the one to lead United to success of the Champions League again and also took home the Premier League title. The year 2009 saw Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid and has been among the top players of the club’s history. He has been awarded the club’s five La Liga titles, three Copa Del Rey trophies, two Spanish Super Cups, and one Champions League title with Real Madrid. Ronaldo is also the two-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the Award of the Year (2008 and 2013). He currently plays for the Portuguese soccer club Juventus and is considered to be one of the most important players in football.

Francisco Gento

Francisco Gento was a midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid for over a decade. While at Real Madrid, Gento won several titles and the three Champions League titles. Gento is widely regarded to be among the best midfielders of all time and is remembered by many as being among the greatest legendary players.

Gento was a player who spent the majority of his time playing as a midfielder central but he also played several stints as a the left and right back. His game was adaptable and he was adept in tackling defensive players and creating opportunities to his team.

Gento was a professional soccer player until 2002 following his final game with Real Madrid. He is now commentator for Spanish television station La Sexta and is also the manager of the club’s youth squad.

Ferenc Puskas

A renowned and famous player from Real Madrid history is Ferenc Puskas. Puskas was a forward who was a part of the Madrid club from 1940 until 1953. The club is believed to be among the top goal-scorers of all time as his mark of scoring 49 goals in 53 games is a world record.

Puskas was often used as a center forward and was known for his explosive shots and precise passing. Puskas was also an extremely quick player, which enabled him get past defenders and score.

Puskas was a well-known player for Madrid fan base, and received numerous awards throughout his playing career. They comprised the two European Golden Shoe trophies (1948 and 1949) as well as the three Spanish League titles (1945, 1947 1948) and two European Cups (1955 and 1956). The player is also considered to be one of the most successful players of Real Madrid history.

Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez, also known as “El Cholo”, was a midfielder with Real Madrid from 1996 to the year 2009.

Sanchez began his career at Real Madrid’s youth squad He made his debut for the first team in the year 1996. Sanchez spent the following nine years at Real Madrid winning seven La Liga titles and two Champions League titles.

Sanchez was a crucial member of Sanchez was an integral part of the Real Madrid team that won the 2001 Champions League title. The goal scored by Sanchez was in the last game with Valencia CF, which helped Real Madrid to victory.

After the departure of Real Madrid in 2009, Sanchez joined Atletico Madrid. He played for five seasons at Atletico Madrid, helping them to take home three Europa League titles and two Spanish Super Cups.

Sanchez was released from professional football in the year 2016 following his time with Independiente Santa Fe. He is currently a coach for Chilean national team. Chilean nation’s national side.

Di Stefano

1. Di Stefano was a midfielder and forward in the Spanish club Real Madrid from 1943 to 1955. He is considered to be one of the best players of the club’s history.

Di Stefano was a versatile player that could be a midfielder or forward. He was renowned for his dribbling abilities and his powerful shot. He also had excellent passing skills, which helped him to open up opportunities to his team.

Di Stefano was a key part of the team that took home Six La Liga titles and two Copa del Reys. He also scored numerous goal in the team of Real Madrid, including some famous goals. A few of his more well-known goals include the one that secured the European Cup in 1972, the goal that brought Real Madrid’s triumph at the Spanish Cup in 1971, and the goal that won the league title in the year 1955.

Rui Costa

The most famous Real Madrid players of all time is Rui Costa. Rui Costa was an midfielder, and was a player for this club between 1984 until 1996. In that time the player won seven La Liga titles, two Copa Del Reys, and one European Cup Winners Cup.

Rui Costa was well-known for his ball control and his passing ability. Also, he was well-known for his endurance and ability to cover long distances. In the wake of his performance on the field, Costa was named an honorary player of the Spanish national team in 1998.

In the present, Rui Costa is a football commentator and ambassador for Real Madrid. He is also vice-president for the Portuguese soccer team Benfica.

Jorge Valdano

Jorge Valdano is a legendary Real Madrid player and manager. The most well-known part of his career is his playing career in which he won numerous awards as a player for the club. Valdano was an attacking midfielder. He was also well-known for his ability to pass.

After he retired as a player, Valdano became the manager of Real Madrid. He guided the team to numerous championships and was awarded European manager of the year in 1997. He resigned from the management position in 2006 after securing a second award at Madrid.

Valdano is among the best players to have played for Real Madrid and his playing positions show the fact that he is one of the best players ever to play for Real Madrid. He began playing as a middlefielder and then shifting to defense later during his career. He is still regarded as to be one of the top midfielders of all time and his passing skills were unrivalled at the period.


Real Madrid is one of the most famous and successful clubs in football, and their roster of players over time has been legendary. It doesn’t matter if it’s Zidane, Ronaldo as well as Roberto Carlos, learning about the top 10 Real Madrid legends and their position on the field will provide you with more insight into how talented the team is.

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